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By Students, For Students

NHS Student Projects
NHS seniors recently completed a video project covering a range of topics for students, from SAT tips, to self-care and organizing one's self during remote learning, to finding success as an ELL, to tips on how to give a polished presentation in front of your class, and more.
Click the links below to check out their videos!
By Students for Students: Mental Health Resources
Our sophomore students worked on a project to create public service announcements revolving around different mental health disorders. Check out featured projects from sophomores here at Mather! 
It's Okay to Not be Okay
Mental Health Project by Khang Tran
Don't Do It
Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Instagram Post by Tsitsiki Alvarado, Konstandinos Bouboulinis, Yovany Coronel, Layla Ewan
You Are Not Alone 
What Is It Like To Live With Anxiety? by Brizeida Huerta, Alejandra Ramirez, Mumtaz Sajwani, Nikki Nguyen
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders by Amy Gutierrez, Devin Jones, Jovani Leon, Angela Perez, Amy Romero
I'm Broken
Teenage Depression by Nefertiri Johnson, Kristen Karl, Xavier Lopez, Lara Al-dajani
Bailey Wants You to Stay
Teenagers and suicidal thoughts by Fabiola Rios, Devon McDonald, Gianna Guiffra
Teenage Anxiety by Miran Gutierrez, Hannah Genkin, Gina Cital, Ilsan Ibrahim
A Rat in a Mousetrap
A Rat In A Mouse Trap by Joel Amara, Mohamed Belkadi, Jaylen Carwell, Syed Hussain
Do More Than Just Drugs
Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Juan Alvarez-Barrera, Umair Farooqi, Juvencio Lopez, Tristen Molina