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Counseling Office
Our mission as Mather High School’s counselors is to provide a comprehensive, data-driven, ASCA model guidance program using the combined resources of our knowledgeable and empathic team of professionals. Our diverse student body will obtain the skills, knowledge, and emotional fortitude needed to become responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners through intentional one-on-one, small group, and large setting interventions We strive to accomplish our mission by addressing academic, career, personal/social needs of all students with an emphasis on engaging, interactive classroom guidance over handouts and worksheets. Ultimately we want every Mather student to be prepared to graduate with goal-setting and decision-making skills and knowledge of the resources to obtain their own answers.
The Counseling Program
Mather HS has a comprehensive School Counseling Program. Our program addresses the five areas of social, emotional, academic, health, and career development of each student. The School Counselors collaborate and work together to make sure that the needs of each student are met.
Counselors are available before school or during your lunch period. If your counselor is not available, we encourage you to e-mail her.
Location: Room 105
phone: 773-534-2350 ext. 42490
fax: 773-534-2424
Counseling Staff:
Ms. Paige Stenzel
School Counselor
ext. 22874 or [email protected]

Mrs. Adriana Johnson
School Counselor
ext. 22883 or [email protected]
Mr. Ryan Kinney
School Counselor
ext. 22871 or [email protected] 
Ms. Eman Olaimi
School Counselor
ext. 22846 or [email protected]
Mrs. Karen Rojek
School Counselor
ext. 42491 [email protected]
Mrs. Sara Wong
School Counselor
ext. 22872 or [email protected]
Ms. Mayra Arevalo, College & Career Coach
Ms. Farreya Khan, Counseling Clerk
ext. 42490 or [email protected]
City Colleges of Chicago:
Ms. Milagros Perez, Post Secondary Navigator 
Mather | Ombudsman-Northwest | Sullivan | Uplift
School Social Workers:
Ms. Karly Kaufman, ext. 42492
Mr. Nick Vandermolen, ext. 22877
Communities in Schools of Chicago, Social Worker:
Ms. Stephanie Estrada

School Psychologist:
Dr. Banks 
School Nurses:
Mrs. Camellia Noush - Everyday
Ms. Lindsay Martin - Tuesday, Friday
Ms. Olivia Nakanishi - Thursday, Friday
Email: ​​​​​[email protected]