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Great Websites
Here's a guide to Cook County colleges:

The profile of each school includes a list of the programs, contact information, admissions statistics, pictures, maps, and a brief description of the school. There is a comment section for anyone to add their thoughts. The schools are listed in alphabetical order, by type of school, and by location.
Additionally, the My Colleges page has a form where students can do a side-by-side comparison of the colleges they are considering. This is particularly useful for students trying to decide from a number of colleges that accepted them.
Check out this website......
Chicago Public Schools post-secondary website. Access to information about scholarships and college fairs.
Search colleges and get student reviews:
This site allows you to set up a profile and it matches colleges to you
Great site to search colleges.
College search!
This link takes you to information about Historically Black Colleges and Universities
This site will help you explore colleges and universities you may not have thought of, but that have a great reputation with counselors, graduate schools and employers.
This site lists hundreds of excellent colleges and universities which do NOT use ACT in their acceptance process.
Vocational schools listed by state
College Zone matches you to colleges, scholarships, has ACT prep, and a financial aid estimator.
Explore schools and careers, find statistics about schools, and research scholarships.
A look at different careers! Will there be jobs??