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Local School Council

The Local School Councils serve as the policy-making body of the school. LSCs have remained an important vehicle for participatory democracy, allowing not only educators but parents the opportunity to make important decisions about how their children will be educated. It’s through these decisions that parents are connected with; educators to better align family and community engagement goals to student achievement; community members to help leverage community resources for the school; and other parents to share best practices and success stories.
LSCs are responsible for:
Monitoring the school improvement plan— also known as their school’s CIWP.
Monitoring the school's budget and expenditures.
Evaluating their school’s principal annually, as well as selecting a new contract principal for their school or renewing the contract of their current principal.
LSC membership is a reflection of engaged and empowered parent, community, student, and educational leaders. It is through LSCs that parents are given a unique opportunity to have a voice in the decision-making table and engage in student-driven dialogue with community members, educators, students, and other parents.
Each LSCs set their own regular meeting schedules, which can be obtained directly from the school.
 SY23 - SY24 Stephen T Mather LSC Members
Parent Representatives: Sheila Williams (Chair), Duke Faye, Micaela Gonzales, Marianna Apantenco, Jessica Espinoza, Abigail Vences
Community Representatives: Norma Gomez, Leslie Okamura
Student Representatives: Dimitrius Drakontaidis, Jesus Chavarria, Melissa Ledezma
Teacher Representatives: Jessie Moskowitz, Andy (Bruce) James
Staff Representative: Aida Hernandez
Principal: Gary Tesinsky
Mather LSC Calendar School Year 2023-2024
Wednesdays at 6pm in Room 602
Meeting Dates:
Wednesday, August 9
Wednesday, September 13
Wednesday, October 11
Wednesday, November 8
Wednesday, December 13
Wednesday, February 7
Wednesday, March 6
Wednesday, April 3
Wednesday, May 1
Wednesday, June 5
LSC Virtual Meeting Info
Join by phone
‪(US) +1 717-942-0207‬ 
PIN: ‪600 941 954‬#