Scholarship Opportunities

Along with financial aid, scholarships are a great way to get some financial support for college. There are many different types of scholarships ranging from general ones to specific ones offered by each individual college.
Chicago Public Schools has a resource available for scholarships.
The guide is divided by each month of deadlines.
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Scholarship Bulletin

Use this to help you find scholarships that meet your criteria! The scholarships are organized according to application deadline.If you have not done so already, PLEASE COMPLETE an Academic Works Profile. This profile will create a select list of scholarships for you based on your interests and qualifications.
College can be expensive. That’s why scholarships for women are so valuable. First, they help lower the cost of going to school, which is worthwhile in itself. Second, they are only open to female students, making them potentially less competitive.
If you have a girl getting ready to head to college, here is the ultimate list of scholarships for women and girls.