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Freshman Seminar


Freshman Seminar is a course designed for students to grow in the understanding that each of them is an important part of their school community and that they are responsible to and for themselves and others. In addition to the How to Do School unit, there are 4 units of study during the course of the year: College and Career: the heart of this unit equips freshmen with skills, strategies and attitudes they can develop to succeed in high school and in their post-secondary ambitions, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution: freshmen will learn positive ways to address problems and avoid conflict, Healthy Choices: by looking at balanced nutrition and reflecting on their own nutritional habits, students will explore the various aspects of nutrition and the impact of nutritional choices on their overall health, and Service Learning and Social Justice: where students follow-up on their unit on physical health and balanced nutrition, they will collaborate on a service project to understand and address food justice, both as it applies globally and in their community.


Sophomore & Junior Seminar


In Umoja’s Seminar, you will focus on the Social Emotional Learning skills and techniques you need to be successful in school and in life. You will learn about positive academic behaviors, set achievable goals, work towards solving problems, and communicating with others effectively. Seminar will help you expand your horizons and sharpen your mind. Seminar is also a space for active community building, as we get to know each other and our school community, we hope you are able to rely on your Seminar teacher and classmates for support. Seminar is one of the many steps you will take toward your future journey. Each unit is full of activities and lessons to get you on and keep you on the right track for graduation and beyond.


Senior Seminar 

Students will navigate the post-secondary process by providing the knowledge, tools, and support needed to identify a variety of options, align these options with career goals, and make an informed decision about life after high school. Counselors will facilitate the learning on a regular basis in conjunction with classroom instructors through activities designed to promote post-secondary success.