Local School Council 2020-2022 Elections OPEN
Serving on a Local School Council (LSC) provides a unique opportunity to become engaged in your school community and play an active role in making policy decisions affecting your school. LSCs are critical to ensuring positive student outcomes and a dynamic school environment.
LSCs are responsible for:
Monitoring the school improvement plan— also known as their school’s CIWP.
Monitoring the school's budget and expenditures.
Evaluating their school’s principal annually, as well as selecting a new contract principal for their school or renewing the contract of their current principal.

Each LSCs set their own regular meeting schedules, which can be obtained directly from the school.
LSC members are elected every two years by parents, community members, and school staff. Members serve two-year terms, with the exception of high school student representatives, who serve one-year terms. The 2020 LSC elections will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2020, for high schools.
How to Apply
If you are a parent, community member, student, or teacher looking to get more involved with your school, we encourage you to consider running in your school’s LSC election. The application window for the 2020 LSC elections opens on December 2, 2019. To apply, candidates must download and fill out the application forms (or pick them up from Mather Counseling office) and return them with two forms of identification to Mather High School by March 5, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.
Parents and community members have the option to file a Form 4-20 Candidate Statement, school staff candidates must file a Form 5-20 School Staff Candidate Information Form and high school student candidates must file a Form 6-20 Student Candidate Information Form