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General Information

A safe space for undocumented students at Mather. 
Events Calendar-Here you will find events for undocumented students
High School Success Tips Presentation
Mental Health Resources- A list of community organizations
Immigrant and Refugee Student Summit- Here you will find content on scholarships, mental health resources, how to save money starting freshmen year at City Colleges of Chicago, and much more! 
(RISE)- Here you will find information about the Illinois Map Grant for eligible undocumented students.
Scholarship Opportunites-Here you will find information about scholarships for undocumented students 
Friendly Colleges- Here you will find a list of known friendly colleges for undocumented students (this doesn't mean that these are the only ones you can go to)
Know Your Rights-Here you will find legal information for undocumented students to protect your immigrant rights
DACA-Here you will find information about DACA 
Dreamers Club- Contact me or your counselor if interested in creating a club at Mather
Helpful Links-Here you will find helpful websites with great resources!