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International Students

Before visiting the school, please read the following information from Foreign Student Services regarding foreign transcripts:

It is the policy of the Chicago Public Schools to recognize and grant credit for high school studies completed elsewhere on a year-by-year equivalent basis. Credit granted should be comparable to the number of credits obtainable in one academic year at a Chicago public high school.

All school records (grades 8-12) from students arriving from foreign countries must be evaluated by the Department of Educational Policy and Procedures, Foreign Student Services. Student arriving from a foreign country should contact the department at 773-553-1936 for appointment for evaluation.

Original documents must be submitted for review. This includes:

  • Report cards/transcripts listing subjects and final grades
  • Birth Certificate or Passport

High school shall record transfer credits, course grades and course level designations based on the Evaluation of the Foreign Secondary School Credentials provided by the Department of Educational Policy and Procedures, Foreign Student Services.

The State's prescribed screener must be administered to verify the student's English Language proficiency. The results of this assessment will determine English course placement.

Information for Parents

For the evaluation of secondary credentials from a foreign country:

First, call for an appointment at 773/553-1936

Then bring documents to:

Mrs. Beata E. Arceo
Chicago Public Schools
Foreign Student Services
42 W. Madison Street, Garden Level
Chicago, IL 60602

Bring the following documents:

Original documents (report card/transcript) listing subjects and final grades for each year of high school level education
Birth Certificate and/or Passport

Visit for more information.