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Register for sports today!

All students registering for sports MUST complete the following:
1. Sports physical dated within one year.
2. Player Record Packet (click here to download fillable copy).
3. Payment of $60 through ePay or through Parent Portal.
If you need help finding a health center near you, please call: 773-553-KIDS (5437) or visit
Blank copies of all documents are also available below for print and download.
Once complete, please email a copy of both documents to your coach OR bring copies to the first day of practice. 
Fall Sports      
Sport Coaches Name E-Mails Season Starts
Cross Country Boys Joe Sulivan [email protected] 8/8/2022
Cross Country Girls Mckenzie Carr [email protected] 8/8/2022
Cheerleading Co-Ed Lori Koziana [email protected] 8/8/2022
Football Co-Ed Archer Winberg [email protected] 8/8/2022
Soccer Boys Enrique Cervantes [email protected] 8/8/2022
Swimming Girls Adrian Johnson [email protected] 8/8/2022
Volleyball Girls Darren Antzis [email protected] 8/8/2022
Winter Sports      
Sport Coaches Name E-Mails Season Starts
Basketball Boys Nathan Small [email protected] 11/7/2022
Basketball Girls Joseph Vasquez [email protected] 10/31/2022
Bowling Boys Justin Ramos [email protected] 10/24/2022
Bowling Girls Teriah Abrams [email protected] 11/14/2022
Track and Field Boys Joe Sulivan [email protected] 1/16/2023
Track and Field Girls Mckenzie Carr [email protected] 1/16/2023
Swimming Boys Archer Winberg [email protected] 11/21/2022
Wrestling Kyle Shinall [email protected] 11/7/2022
Spring Sports      
Sport Coaches Name E-Mails Season Start
Track and Field Boys Joe Sulivan [email protected] 1/16/2023
Track and Field Girls Mckenzie Carr [email protected] 1/16/2023
Water Polo Boys/Girls TBA   2/27/2023
Badminton Girls Shawn Ryan [email protected] 2/27/2023
Baseball Alan Jankowski [email protected] 2/27/2023
Softball Girls Justin Ramos [email protected] 2/27/2023
Soccer Girls Joanna Szczudlo [email protected] 2/27/2023
Volleyball Boys Darren Antzis [email protected] 3/6/2023

ePay Instructions

To pay for your sports fee, please click here
Once you have entered the ePay page, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on "Make a one-time payment" or login if you know your account information.
  2. Enter your student's information into the fields provided. (Please fill in NA for non-attending student) 
  3. Scroll down to "Sports" and click on it.
  4. Click on the little down arrow to be shown a dropdown menu with all of the different sports listed.
  5. Select the sport(s) you would like to register and pay for and then click "Add to cart." Repeat this for every sport you'd like to add.
  6. The last step is to click "Add and Checkout."