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I'm Ms Sliwicka. I'm a learning behavior specialist and teach freshmen Biology at Mather High School. 
Current Unit: Evolution
Essential Questions:
*What is happening to the UCSD Juncos?
*What are the behavioral and physical differences between UCSD and Mt Laguna Juncos?
*How do scientists figure out what traits are inherited and what traits are learnt?
*How are the physical differences in Juncos inherited?
*Are the behavioral differences in Juncos learnt or inherited?
*How did Juncos become bolder in the last 40 years?
*Why did some Junco population decide to stay at UCSD instead of migrating?
*Are the UCSD Juncos a separate species from the Mt Laguna Juncos?
*Where did the heritable trait variation come from?
*How can we use our model to explain how life on Earth changed over time?
Research Project: Cancer
Future Unit: Ecology