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About Mr. Moraru

Cosmin Moraru, a social studies teacher, views his mission as helping students to think critically. He holds a master’s degree in school counseling from National Louis University and a bachelor's degree in history and secondary ed. from Northeastern Illinois University. Cosmin guides his students in the importance of historical events and how they relate to current events.  As a member of the Mather faculty team he is dedicated to equity and closing the achievement gap by promoting educational excellence across the curriculum.

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Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

Current Topic of Study: Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
Civilizations and Cultures We are Studying:
-Ancient Egypt
Student Inquiry Questions:


 How would you solve the geographic challenges faced by the Sumerians?  How would farming be different if irrigation systems were not developed?

 Why are these characteristics necessary for a society to be considered a civilization?

Must all the characteristics be present in a society for it to be called a civilization?  Can one be missing?

 Which achievement was the most important to the rise and success of empires?  What is the most important cause for the failure of empires?

 Why has Mesopotamia changed from the cradle of civilization to a war torn country?  How has farming, government, culture, writing, technology affected the civilization?

 How did the Nile Influence the rise of the powerful civilization of Egypt?

 How did religion and learning play important roles in ancient Egyptian civilizations.