WOW℠ (Working On Womanhood) is a multifaceted, school year-long group counseling and clinical mentoring program. WOW works to improve social-emotional competencies for girls in the 7th-12th grade exposed to traumatic stressors in high risk and under-resourced communities. Launched in 2011, the school-based program runs throughout the academic year and currently serves more than 1,750 students in 33 Chicago schools.


WOW focuses on issues relevant to teens' daily lives (e.g., daily conflict resolution, family issues, drug and alcohol addiction, and academic performance), all of which are broader community issues. Participation in WOW can successfully motivate young women to make positive choices and develop resilience assets such as self-efficacy, management of emotions and positive values that enable them to become self-sufficient adults who can positively impact their wider communities.


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