The Mather High School offers a ten week comprehensive drivers education program as part of the Sophomore Physical Education curriculum. The concurrent program includes classroom instruction (needed as a graduation requirement for CPS students), simulation, range and traffic.

The mission of the department is to give the students the best education possible. This program is strictly enforced through state guidelines by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Office of the Secretary of State.

  • Course Code: 99020
  • Course Title: PE II/Drivers Ed
  • Major/Minor: All
  • Year taken: 10
  • Level: Regular
  • Prerequisites: Sophmore, 15 years old and passed 8 semester hours of academics
  • Course Description: As a part of the Illinois Secretary of State Graduated Licensing Program, we offer a four-phased driver education program for sophomore students during the second year of Physical Education. 

The course is divided into three phases.

  • Phase 1: Classroom – The study of the rules and laws governing the safe operation of a motor vehicles for a minimum of 30 classroom hours.
  • Phase 2: Range – Qualified instructors teach basic handling skills and maneuvers that are essential to safe driving. After completing these components, students begin the 50 hours of supervised driving as required by the state.
  • Phase 3: Traffic – The traffic experience is a culmination of each student’s abilities learned from the previous phases. Students should have 10 supervised driving hours by their first traffic. Students will be driving on the streets with an instructor. Evaluation cards are given to the students to assess their strengths and weaknesses. The final product is a knowledgeable, safe and courteous driver.


  • Location: Mather Driver Education Range Building (Small trailer behind Mather's building)
  • Weekdays: Monday, Tuesday, 3:30pm-4:45pm
  • Summer:Monday.Tuesday, 7am-8:45am,  9am-10:45am,  11:00am-12:00am
  • Weekends & Summer: Saturday, 7am, 9am, or 11am
  • Requirements: Wear shoes that cover your entire foot (no sandals)


  • Location: Mather Driver Education Range Trailer (Small trailer behind Mather's building)
  • Weekdays: Monday through Wednesday, 3:45pm- 5:30pm
  • Weekends & Summer: Saturday, 7,9 OR 11.
  • Requirements: Wear shoes that cover your entire foot (no sandals), Bring your permit

Fees for Summer and After School

  • $20 Money Order/Personal check made payable to Illinois Secretary of State (for permit)
  • $50 Driver Education range fee payable online ONLY at CPS E-pay