MHS Alumni Scholarships - Apply now!

MHS Alumni
MATHER ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP - Due on or before January 27, 2022
The alumni of Mather High School are proud to offer an $8,000 scholarship - $2,000 each year for four years, with demonstration of continued academic success.
The qualifications are as follows:
• Applicant must be a senior at Mather High School
• Applicant must be actively pursuing acceptance from an academically accredited college or university. This includes community colleges.
• Applicant must have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities, and an understanding of the responsibilities of good citizenship
We require both academic and character references. The academic reference should be from one of your teachers at Mather, while the character reference should be from someone who knows you personally and can attest to your character and abilities. If a teacher is your character reference, the letter cannot mention academics.
Please print out and submit the completed application to Sara Wong, Counselor on or before January 27, 2022. No late applications will be considered. Interviews of all semi-finalists will be held in the Spring. Your transcript will be provided by your counselor.
MALEIHA CARINO SCHOLARSHIP - Due on February 25, 2022
Maleiha Carino was a student of MHS during 2010 - 2014. She was diagnosed with childhood leukemia in 2011. She overcame all the odds and managed to graduate in 2014. She was set to attend her freshmen year at UIC. In the Summer of 2014, Maleiha battled her last battle and was laid to rest. 

This scholarship is meant to commemorate the life of Maleiha Carino. This scholarship will serve to assist a Mather Senior seeking higher education in a 4-year university or 2-year college. The student will be granted a one-time academic scholarship between $1,000 - $1,500. This scholarship will be given directly to the financial aid office of the student's university or college. 
Application Requirements:
  • Open to ALL Mather Seniors
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA 
  • Must be accepted and committed to a 2-year or a 4-year college by the time of being awarded.
  • 500-1,000 word essay
  • Describe a time in which you’ve had to overcome an obstacle and how you’ve overcome it.
  • Focus on how the obstacle impacted you and how you grew from the experience.
Important Dates:
  • November 18, 2021 - Application opens
  • February 25, 2022 - Application deadline
  • April 18, 2022 - 1-1 Interviews begin
  • May 1, 2022 - Winner Announced