9-11th Grade Locker Clean-Out Procedure

We understand that many of our students have belongings at Mather High School that they wish
to pick-up. Additionally, students may have items in their possession that must be returned to
the school such as textbooks, calculators, English class novels, or other materials. In order to
provide a safe opportunity for all students to obtain their belongings and return materials to the
school, we have created the following schedule and guidelines in accordance with the Illinois
State Board of Education guidelines as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health and CDC
guidelines for social distancing. By following these parameters and with your cooperation, we
hope to ensure a safe and efficient process. Please read all information before arriving during
your designated time slot.

*Please do not travel in groups while returning to the school and always maintain 6-feet
distance between you and other people both indoors and outdoors.
*Students should enter through Door 1

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