Mather is the recipient of a $100,000 grant from SocialWorks!

Here is a little information about the grant:

Mather High School is proud to be one of the most diverse schools in the Chicago Public Schools system. Our students come from more than 140 home countries and speak more than 60 languages. Our diversity makes us unique; our appreciation for our differences is what makes us strong. Our school has historically hosted an Ethnic Fest in the month of May, where different clubs provide food and share in cultural dancing. We have the vision to expand this event to become a year-long celebration of our community that also advances the literacy and communication skills of our students while preparing them for life beyond Mather.


We would like to use this grant to give our students the opportunity to learn more about their community, as well as share their stories of self, us (the community), and tomorrow (the future). We believe this would help our students feel their identities welcomed in the school while building their appreciation of diversity and the ability to understand their new environment and work productively with others. Additionally, the grant would be used to increase students’ knowledge of the issues affecting their community and provide opportunities for them to become involved in problem-solving while developing their literacy and 21st-century, college and career skills.