Registration for Current School Year

Please note: For general admissions and transfers, Mather can only admit students who live within our attendance area, regardless of the elementary school attended.
Please be aware that voluntary transfers from other CPS schools are only possible at the beginning of the school year and at the beginning of the second semester and then only for students who live within our attendance area.
Click the CPS School Locator link below to see if you live within Mather's attendance area. Once you are on the School Locator page, just enter your home address to see in which CPS school's attendance area you live.

Due to COVID-19, all registration/enrollment will be VIRTUAL.

Please click here to be redirected to the Pre-Registration form. This needs to be completed prior to registration. This form does not guarantee enrollment at our school. Please only fill the form out once. 
You will need the following documents to complete the Pre-Registration form:
1. Gas or electric bill in parent/guardian's name, listing the current address
        • If unavailable, 3 pieces of mail showing current address will suffice
        • Mail that will be accepted: tax return, bank statement, government mail, voter registration (no junk mail)
2. Illinois state ID or Driver's License in parent's name at the current address
3. Student's birth certificate
4. Unofficial transcript from the previous school
5. Most recent IEP (if applicable)
***International students, please click here for registration information.
Any questions regarding application to our selective enrollment programs should be directed to the contacts listed on those pages (see the links above or at right).
Any questions regarding general admissions registration should be directed to [email protected]


Please email Ms. Cecilia Farfan at [email protected] with your name, ID number, and the name of the school you will be transferring out to.
If you have already enrolled at the new school, you may provide them with Ms. Farfan's email address and she will directly send them your records.