SY21-22 2nd Period Reg Semester 1 PE-Group Exercise-Calambas 001 Assignments

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 PE  | Student Questionnaire  Thursday. in Google Classroom

PE | Student Questionnaire Thursday.

Complete google form PE  | Student Questionnaire  Thursday.


Read syllabus in Google Classroom

Read syllabus

Read syllabus and in the comments section type "Read".  
The due date and time is posted on assignment complete prior for full points.  
Ask questions anytime, I am here to help.


PE Expectation Syllabus in Google Classroom

PE Expectation Syllabus

Read the PE Expectation Syllabus and in the comment section type "Read".  
First points of the year and ask questions if unsure how to submit or post in comments.

If absent complete as son as possible "ASAP" and communicate with me late work (in-person or email).

I am here to help.