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About Mather (learn about our programs here)

Welcome Future Rangers!
As the most diverse high school in the city, Mather offers a variety of opportunities for students.
 At Mather, we prepare you for life after high school. With six different CTE programs along with 19 college-level courses and 30+ electives including an Arts program, there is something for everyone! All of our programs are 4 years long. 
Click on each icon to learn about the different programs offered at Mather:
digital media
CTE: Digital Media
CTE: IT - Gaming and Web Design
CTE: Pre- Engineering
CTE: Pre- Law
AVID: Advancement via Individual Determination
Students are also encouraged to participate in after school clubs and sports. If you come across a club/sport that's not currently offered, you can create it! 
Hear about our students' favorite things about Mather:
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Check out the brochures below to find out more about Mather.