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Mather High School is entering its second year of partnership with Umoja Student Development Corporation. After a successful year of Freshman and Senior Seminar classes, the program is expanding to include three sections of Sophomore Seminar. Seminar provides students an opportunity to develop positive academic behaviors, set achievable goals for their future, work towards solving problems, and learn how to communicate with others effectively.
Our SEL Specialist from Umoja, Tim McEachran, works closely with the seminar teachers and the counseling department to help support the needs of students in 9th, 10th, and 12th grade. Umoja helps provide in-class SEL supports to freshman as they maneuver the transition to high school and works with seniors to develop self-management skills as they research and discover a post-secondary plan that they are proud of. In addition, Tim supports the Freshman on Track, Culture and Climate, and Post-Secondary Leadership Teams at Mather.
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