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9th Graders Reviews

10 Reading Reasons

  1. Reading is rewarding. It brings pleasure and knowledge.
  2. Reading builds a mature vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you learn.
  3. Reading makes you a better writer. We learn to write by reading. We must write like readers and read like writers.
  4. Reading is hard, and "hard" is necessary.
  5. Reading makes you smarter. Research supports that students who read frequently, perform well academically.
  6. Reading prepares you for the world of work. Reading is the most basic of skills necessary for today's work force, especially in this 21st century.
  7. Reading well is financially rewarding
  8. Reading opens the door to future learning. Strong reading is a prerequisite for all future tests.
  9. Reading keeps students on the path to success.
  10. Reading develops a moral compass. "Great writing matters, and by examining great works, teachers and students are provided rich opportunities to wrestle with universal ethical and moral dilemmas.”

Source: Gallagher, K. (2003).   Reading Reasons: Motivational Mini-Lessons for Middle School and High School.

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