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Library Rules & Procedures

Library Rules

  • Must be academically engaged such as reading, studying, researching
  • Use a quiet voice
  • No eating, drinking or gum chewing
  • Use appropriate language only
  • When others are waiting, limit the time spent on the computer
  • 4 students per table, one student per computer
  • Be courteous/respectful to fellow students, school staff, and of the library facility, furnishings, and materials
  • All CPS and Mather rules apply (wearing IDs, acceptable use policy, etc.)

Library Passes

Students not accompanied by a teacher need to:
  • Have his/her own pass from the classroom teacher (4 students maximum) and will be sent back to class when task(s) completed
  • Must sign into and out of the library

Lunch period when no pass is needed
Students wishing to use the library for the entire period do not need a pass.
  • Must be in the Library before the final passing period bell rings
Library Period passes:
  • Students wishing to use the Library for only part of the period, need to
  • Sign up for a pass in the library before school between 7:00 to 7:50 AM.
  • Student must have a school ID in order to get a pass.
  • Students will have up to the last 20 minutes of the lunch period to leave lunchroom and arrive at the library. After that, lunchtime security will not allow students to leave the cafeteria.
  • Student ID and lunch time pass will be checked against the morning sign-up sheet.
  • Time of student arrival in library will be recorded.
  • Student is responsible for the pass.
Library Lunch privilege revoked for the rest of the quarter if:
  • Student has lost lunch pass
    • A debt of $5.00 will be issued
    • The pass will not be replaced
  • Gave lunch pass to another student
  • Did not come directly to library
  • Returned pass after the assigned lunch period
Please note: Students violating any of the rules may be asked to leave the library and/or restricted from using the library, other than when accompanied by a teacher.