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Courses Offered:
Dance level I:
This class covers 8 different dances: salsa, merengue, African dance, jazz, modern, flamenco, tap and square dance. The history and the basic movement will be covered in five weeks. At he end of each quarter the students will perform choreography based on the dance that has been covered. In the last five weeks of the school year the student will choreograph a dance as part of their final grade. Students can choose any of the 8 dances that were taught during the school year.
Dance level II:
This class focuses on the three elements of choreography: time, energy and space. By mastering these elements the students will develop the skills that are needed to choreograph a dance. Each quarter the students will be working on a different type of dance to understand the diversity of styles in choreography. In the last five weeks of school each student must be able to choreograph and teach at least one type of dance.
Dance III Honors:
This class will focus on modern and jazz technique. Students will study the specific modern technique of Martha Graham and Lester Horton and the jazz technique of Bob Fosse and Alvin Ailey.
Requirements: Dance I and Dance II or audition
Activities: Quarterly choreography, a final performance, two visits to a professional dance performance and a term paper comparing techniques.

*These classes can be taken as an elective or to satisfy a students Art requirement.