Mr. Daniel Logsdon » Welcome Artists and Art Enthusiasts! 

Welcome Artists and Art Enthusiasts! 

Hello Artists and Art Enthusiasts! 
I am very excited for the students attending Mather High School's Visual Arts Program! The courses of Art 1, AP Art, Photography, and Digital Media are offered at Mather.
I am teaching Art 1 during the 2019-2020 school year. I come to Mather from the art industry working at companies such as Big Idea and WMS Gaming. I have a solid art background with experience using many different mediums in fine art, digital media, and film. I am a graduate of Columbia College's fine art, film, photography, and digital media coursework. I earned a teaching certification from Northeaster IL University for the Visual Arts. 
At Mather, I sponsor the Art Club and the National Art Honor Society. I enjoy discussing art topics and concepts with the students at Mather, and I aim to collaborate Mather High Schools Arts, Photography, and Digital Media program with artists who work in the community and the visual arts field.