Mr. Daniel Logsdon » Welcome Artists and Art Enthusiasts! 

Welcome Artists and Art Enthusiasts! 

Hello Artists and Art Enthusiasts! 
I am very excited for the students attending Mather High School's Visual Arts Program! The courses of Art, AP Art, Studio, Photography, and Digital Media are offered at Mather.
I currently teach Art 1, Digital Media 1, and Digital Media 3. I come to Mather with industry experience, having worked at companies such as Big Idea and WMS Gaming. I have a solid art background. I am a graduate of Columbia College's film and animation program where I studied fine art and digital media: animation, photography, film, and video editing.
After working years in the graphics field, I earned a teaching certification from Northeastern IL University to teach Visual Arts, and am certified by CTE's Career and Technical Education, to teach graphics arts, animation, and digital film editing.
At Mather, I sponsor the Art Club and the National Art Honor Society. I enjoy engaging students with visual art concepts and I am eager to share real-world experience from the graphics industry.
Our Digital Media Program prepares students for real-world experience. Students in the Digital Media Cohort are provided with internships and are matched with companies and industry professionals. Students will be provided with an experience that will enable them to grow, gain experience, and learn the skills needed to be successful in the graphic arts industry.